Magistrate Court

Magistrate Court hears the following:
  • Misdemeanor criminal conduct that occurs within the Prescott Valley Town limits, such as assault, trespass, disturbing the peace and domestic violence, as well as criminal and civil traffic offenses, and juvenile matters
  • Petitions for Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment
The Magistrate Court recognizes deferral programs such as Defensive Driving School (DDS); programs such as the Treatment Alternative for Safer Community (TASC) misdemeanor marijuana anger management and domestic violence treatment are utilized by the Court; delayed entry of judgment is available in specific cases as a motivational tool for a Defendant to have no further contact with the legal system. After-hours court proceedings are considered on an as needed basis. The Magistrate Court also works closely with other courts.

Media Coverage of Court Proceedings

Anyone who wishes to use a camera or take photos in Magistrate Court must have the permission of the Court in advance. Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Defensive Driving Diversion

Please note: State law does not permit Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders to attend DDS.

If you complete this class points will not be assessed to your Motor Vehicle Record. You may attend any Arizona Supreme Court certified school in the state of Arizona. The Court does accept online/internet classes.

In order to determine your eligibility and/or to sign up for DDS, contact any certified Arizona defensive driving school. You must complete the class at least 7 days before your appearance/arraignment court date. To access information regarding defensive driving schools you may call the toll free telephone number (1-888-334-5565) or visit the website.